Weekly Roundup (8-12 April 2013)

12 April 2013

A round-up of this week's news and activities from across the arts, cultural and education sector.

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Music education must keep on moving

Director of creative learning at the Barbican, Sean Gregory discusses the future of music education for young people and the opportunities available for them in schools. Read here

Inspirational SEN/Disabled music education

Drake Music is searching the country for inspiring and interesting examples of SEND music teaching. They aim to help teachers & music educators inspire and inform each other and raise awareness and expectations of what SEN/Disabled young people can achieve in music. More details here

Scaling the Youth Employment Challenge

A report published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) highlights the difficulties faced by young people seeking jobs in the UK. Read here

How arts organisations engage with families?

David Brownlee, director of the Family Arts Festival, talks about the quality and range of exciting opportunities the arts can offer to adults and young people together. Read more

Apprentices 'more employable'

A survey of 500 firms suggests that employers in England rate qualified apprentices 15% more employable than those with other qualifications. Read here

More work-based 'studio schools'

Thirteen new "studio schools" are to be set up in England from September next year. The studio schools combine mix academic studies with work-based training. Read here

University tuition fee rise puts off poorer boys

A recent study has found that the rise in University tuition fees has deterred working-class boys from studying for degrees, but had the opposite effect on working-class girls. Read here

Tate Modern awarded grant for new Bankside building

The Wolfson Foundation awarded a grant of £5M to help support the development of the gallery's new extension. The new building will be finished on 2016. Read here