Being With Me

Use poetry to help students explore permission, consent & personal boundaries (RSE/PSHE, KS2)

Being With Me is a KS2 Primary classroom resource for the RSE, RHE or PSHE curriculum, developed in partnership with the School of Sexuality Education and poet Dan Simpson.

Through class discussion and creative writing, pupils will explore the notion of permission and consent and what it means for them. They will grow an understanding of their personal space, boundaries, and what makes them feel safe, and in turn, their appropriate and respectful actions towards others.

They will create a poem centred on ‘rules’ for how they like to be treated, and in the second lesson, collaborate with others in writing that deepens their articulation and reflection about consent, along with practising the importance of creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

Download the resource

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Classroom video

Play this video to your class to get them started on the creative writing activity in Lesson 1.

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In the video, resource author and poet Dan Simpson performs his poem 'Being With Me' and offers some top tips for pupils writing their own 'self-made rules' poems.

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