10 reasons to run Arts Award in your school

19 December 2012

We present a collection of thoughts and ideas for schools and teachers wanting to get going with Arts Award.

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Arts Award's unique qualifications support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The programme aims to develop their creativity, leadership and communication skills.

Here we present 10 reasons to run Arts Award in your school. They are drawn from the experience of teachers, advisers, trainers and moderators.

  • It's a nationally recognised qualification.
  • It's a very flexible; there are no entry requirements or time limits and no set rules for how the work is completed.
  • Arts Award assesses personal progression so it's accessible to a wide range of abilities.
  • It's great for collaborative arts projects, ideal for Years 7-9.
  • Offers CPD for teachers, and can assist them to plan activity across term or academic year, and between departments.
  • For students who have taken non-arts options in Year 10 the Award offers ongoing creative participation and accreditation.
  • Arts Award participation fulfils a number of Artsmark criteria in your school.
  • Students can complete the Bronze Award within a planned Activities Week.
  • Each individual Arts Award qualification allocates performance points to the school.
  • Students can achieve their Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award throughout their time at school.

To find more about the Arts Award download our full guide in which you can also find useful tips for teachers about the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Download 10 reasons to run Arts Award in your school (347.43 kB Pdf)