Creativity Works Roundup - LAST WEEK

Our Programme Officers run us through the last week of Creativity Works before the trainees get ready for their Showcase in exhibiting their work

14 December 2020

Creativity Works: Podcasting

Programme Officer: Lucy Carasco

This week the podcasting cohort really got stuck into mixing and finalising their podcasts

We had a very insightful talk on MONEY + USP and MAKING IT PAY with the panel of Steve Ackerman (Somethin’ Else), Nya Rayburn (Acast), and Ruth Fitzsimons (Podfront)

Another talk PRESS ARTWORK PROMOTION: Preparing your Podcast for Launch came from Thilini Gunaratna Emma Lansdown and Alex Elder (Somethin’ Else)

Quote from Alex Elder:

“My analogy for posting volume is always attendees at a house party. You’d rather be the quietly confident member of the party who has 5 in-depth conversations one on one with certain people over that person at the party that speaks to everyone ‘shallowly’ for 5 minutes”

Creativity Works: Content Production

Programme Officer: Vanessa Owusu

This week at Content Production the participants have been finalising their films!

During the week, we took notes from the one and only Sarah Small and the sensational Cass Kyeyune with insightful inspirational talks.

Quote from Sarah Small

“ Be strict with yourself - clock off at 4pm on a Friday and enjoy yourself!’’

Cass kindly gave the participants tips, tricks, and links/projects to get involved in!

Creativity Works: Photography

Programme Officer: Keanna Williams

On our penultimate week, the Photography cohort had their heads down in creating and selecting the final images for the brief.

After weeks of crits and feedback, the cohort created some awesome responses to the brief.

Nevertheless, creating work was not all the photographers got up to, they also had a phenomenal session with Cian Oba-Smith and Vicky Grout two young and talented Photographers who have made their mark on the industry.

The session was filled with wisdom, banter and of course great advice.