Powerful Partnerships Resource Library

Welcome to the Powerful Partnerships Resource Library: a growing collection of case studies, tools and research to help you achieve powerful outcomes for young people through partnership working.

The resources in this collection are designed to help you identify and undertake ‘joint work of value’ - activity which has a significant impact on cultural learning and engagement, which can only be achieved by organisations working together.

The resources are mapped thematically across the following stages of a developing partnership:

  • Discover and build - The early stages of a partnership
  • Define - Forming a vision and a strategy
  • Develop - Building the future programme
  • Deliver - Effective governance during the production of the work
  • Do more - Keeping up momentum

We consider these five stages to be cyclical but you could also pick and choose a stage or resource according to your need and interests.

This Resource Library is built around the Powerful Partnerships Framework which includes a set of 13 ingredients that articulate the elements of working together for powerful outcomes for young people.

If you would prefer, you can also browse the full list of resources below:

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About the resources

Each partnership stage includes a selection of key Powerful Partnerships ingredients selected from the full set. You will also find a mix of case studies, tools and research offering new ideas and inspiration, gathered and themed. These have either been developed by or with A New Direction and contain learning from across a range of different programmes and contexts.

For more on the context of these resources, read our introduction blog here.

Far from being exhaustive, we hope the Powerful Partnerships Resource Library will continue to expand, to help support more partners to work together to achieve powerful outcomes for young people.

Partnership Stages

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We aim to continue to add new resources as our thinking develops over time and we welcome input and feedback from others. What has supported your developing partnership?

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