Event at RIBA / 15 February 2013

A seminar that explored how Local Authority Cultural Services, Libraries, Museums & Archives can work together with Music Hubs, School Improvement Services and other partners across the Culture, Leisure, Education and Youth sectors to improve outcomes, find efficiencies, and lever in additional income.

This half-day session was held at RIBA on Friday 15 February 2013. Agenda, Presentations and attendee list can be found below:

Holly Donagh, Partnerships Director, A New Direction

Download Infographics Presentation (RIBA Event)

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Download Connected London Presentation (RIBA Event)

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Adrian Harvey, New Local Government Association

Download NLGA Presentation (RIBA Event)

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Celine Wyatt, Blackpool Council/Grand Theatre

Download Download Blackpool Presentation (RIBA Event)

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Other materials

Download Connected London Agenda

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Download Delegate list

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Download Connected London Key Messages

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