Heritage Explorers: A 'How to' KS2 resource for teachers

The resource offers a framework for undertaking projects that explore local history and work with a heritage theme.

Between January and July 2012, children from two primary schools in Stratford, East London, set out to explore the heritage of their local area. They worked in partnership with Eastside Community Heritage, Holden Point (a community housing scheme), Community Road community centre and two professional illustrators. The project – Stratford Explorers – was managed by A New Direction and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The aim was to research and document the changes that had taken place in the area since 1945, and then create a map/heritage trail for visitors to Stratford, as well
as an exhibition about the place featuring some of the children's work.

For more details, please check out the chapters below and explore more about this project.

Download the free resources here

From beginning to end

In here, you will find the full version of the resource including its full content.

Download Heritage Explorers KS 2 resource (FULL version) (10.12 MB Pdf)

Project Ideas

This section will explain in detail how the project was conceived, its aims and it will provide very useful ideas and exercises to frame the project and form a starting point for planning.

Download Heritage Explorers KS 2 resource part 1 (Project I (1.78 MB Pdf)

Paper Cut Landmark Illustrations

In here, you will find a guide that explains the process of using cut-paper illustration techniques, combined with collage and tracing to produce striking images of local landmarks.

Download Heritage Explorers KS 2 resource part 2 (Paper Cut (2.56 MB Pdf)

Future Building Collages

To develop their creativity and imagination, students designed imaginary buildings that might exist in the future. This section will explain how to combine collage, drawing, painting and writing.

Download Heritage Explorers KS 2 resource part 3 (Future Bu (2.79 MB Pdf)

Stratford Explorers Assembly Art

A document that presents the beautiful artwork created by the pupils of Colegrave Primary School in Stratford.

Download Heritage Explorers KS 2 resource part 4 (Stratford (1.90 MB Pdf)

Activity Booklet

In here, you will find an illustrated guide that shows a range of activities and exercises that complement the full resource.

Download Heritage Explorers KS 2 resource part 5 (Activity (1.32 MB Pdf)