Episode 2: Exploring the importance of play in our classrooms 

In the second episode of our brand-new Critical Curriculum podcast series, hosts Andria Zafriakou and Naranee Ruthra-Rajan chat to Betsy Dadd and Toby Peach about the benefits of play on children and young people’s development and creativity, and why educators should make space for play in the classroom.

Improved wellbeing, confidence, agency, and engagement with learning; the ability to explore and become change-makers, are some of the benefits of play highlighted in this discussion. These have an impact on the development of children’s creative skills, which are desirable to future employers and help build a greater society.

Considering how teachers can be reluctant to encourage play in schools after the early years due to pressures around targets or a nervousness in how to go about it, and how young people are less likely to engage in external creative projects post-covid, the speakers discuss the benefits and barriers teachers face around giving children permission to play.

Betsy and Toby give strategies and examples of games and projects to support teachers in creating a positive environment for play, noting the importance of understanding how children play, stepping back, giving more choice, and lifting boundaries.

Whether you already incorporate play in your lessons, or if you want to foster a more playful culture in your setting but don’t know how to get started, this podcast will support you to explore how to play more in the classroom and articulate the many and significant benefits it has on your students.

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