Episode 3: Exploring the importance of physical learning in our classrooms

In the third episode of our Critical Curriculum podcast series, hosts Andria Zafriakou and Naranee Ruthra-Rajan chat to Simon Pittman and Bryn Llewellyn about the importance of physical movement in school, highlighting the benefits and providing strategies to get your students moving more.

Despite being popular with students, the amount of physical activity children participate in at school is declining dramatically, including dance and PE, due to lack of access and loss of funding. Research suggests that physical movement in schools not only tackles inactivity and obesity levels but also impacts positively on academic performance.

Simon and Bryn provide examples of how their work with young people overcomes barriers teachers face such as lack of time and fear of how to get started, demonstrating how incorporating simple movement can be done in classrooms safely with purpose and meaning.

No matter the subject you teach, this podcast will provide you with inspiration for using creative movement games for teamwork, critical thinking skills, memory, listening and understanding concepts such as literacy, mathematical patterns and spelling; with advice for teachers in building an environment for physical learning through accessible and simple tasks to empower your students.

Resources and Mentions


Move & Learn (CIC)

Frantic Assembly

Frantic Method

Frantic Assembly Studio

How to Move & Learn: An evidence-based guide to embedding physically active learning in your school by Bryn Llewellyn , Ian Holmes , Richard Allman

Dr Andy Daly-Smith and Bryn Llewellyn’s TEDx Talk

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