Where are we now?

What are our shared values and ambitions? What problems have we identified and how do we develop and articulate an effective vision and strategy? What is compelling and could only happen through joint working?

If you are at this Define stage, you will have formed a strategic partnership and done some local analysis of the challenges you might address. You are now at a stage where you will be exploring your own vision and strategy underpinned by this knowledge, that also addresses the desires of your partners. Don’t be tempted to pin this down too soon, priorities may change. Undertaking further local consultation and research, listening to and even co-defining with some of your young beneficiaries is an important step at this stage. You should also seek data relevant to your local challenges to orient yourselves more.

Ingredients and Recipes

There are many ingredients from the Powerful Partnerships set that feel relevant to the Define stage; we have selected some key ones here. The resources that map against these ingredients aim to support the developing partnership with questions and tools for defining a collective purpose, developing a vision and strategy, and self-reflection about how the partnership is functioning.

  • Enable all partners to contribute: Here you will find a mess map, vision workshop tool and strategy defining elements to support the development and articulation of a partnership’s purpose that will keep all partners engaged.
  • Attend to individual partners’ priorities: Here you will find some self-reflection tips from the Creative People and Places programme that will support how you operate as a partnership.
  • Address local and user need: Here you will find some prompts to support the engagement of ‘service users’ or participants/beneficiaries at this phase in your research, as well as advice and tips for embedding youth voice. Additionally, in Further Reading we have included a number of local data sources which may be useful.

See the full set of 13 Powerful Partnerships ingredients

Resources library

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Where to next?

  • Further reading: A page listing other useful links and tools that will support your thinking. Scroll through the list by stage

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Our collection will grow over time as we continue to explore the needs of our partners and we welcome input and feedback from others. What has supported your developing partnership?

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