Discover and build


Where are we now?

Where do we start? What do we need to know? What might help us form ideas for the scope of our partnership’s work? Who are the right people to have round the table?

If you are at this Discover stage you may already be a small initial group of local leaders and those representing arts and culture in the area, who are starting to have some initial ideas of what local challenges you could address through a strategic partnership. You may be considering ways to scope potential need and might be looking for inspiration and routes through to further understand the problems – problems you can solve with others.

Ingredients and resources

There are many ingredients of success that feel relevant to the Discover stage; we have selected some key ones here. The resources that map against these ingredients aim to support a new, developing partnership with tips, research and models, as well as inspiration from other non-arts sectors and partnership programmes.

See the full set of 13 Powerful Partnerships ingredients

Resource Library

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Where to next?

  • Further reading: A page listing other useful links and tools that will support your thinking. Scroll through the list by stage

Join the discussion

Our collection will grow over time as we continue to explore the needs of our partners and we welcome input and feedback from others. What has supported your developing partnership?

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