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Welcome to Learning Lenses, the Tate Year 3 Project’s classroom resource.

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Tate Learning and A New Direction believe that the curriculum needs to be broad enough to embrace the arts and to reflect and be inclusive of all children. The vision for this project is artistically adventurous and culturally inclusive, resonating entirely with our approach to creative learning. The Tate Year 3 Project is a unique opportunity for us all to do something new, strategic, bold and different with our pupils. It has been thrilling to see the response from London’s schools across every borough, with Year 3 children loving the chance to try out some of the activities included in the pack and explore the themes.

Many teachers have spoken about this project as a way to “empower children to feel more confident and have a sense of pride towards themselves and the local school community,” and for children to "celebrate difference and unity.” This chimes with education research that continues to explore the benefits of cultural learning; from personal and developmental aspects such as confidence building, team-working and social connectivity, to the increase in transferable skills and knowledge.

While this resource provides PSHE, Citizenship, Literacy, Art and Design activities, its principle focus is in starting a wide educational conversation about art and identity, and art as a powerful prompt for braver conversations about how we view and explore the world.

We hope you see in this pack some simple but essential opportunities for pupils to explore art and key current issues relevant to themselves.

Anna Cutler, Director of Learning and Research
Steve Moffitt, CEO, A New Direction

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About the resources

We have produced a set of resources that ensure that materials can be used flexibly, and although primarily designed for schools and pupils engaged in the Tate Year 3 Project, the resources can easily be used in standalone activity by any primary teacher from arts specialists to supply cover.

Many resources would work well for Transition work and ‘getting to know you’ activities.

All activities have been designed to be modular, either explored independently or combined with others to form themed schemes of work.


Contributors - Maria Amidu, Simon Batchelor, Sarah Davies, Sam Holdsworth, Abigail Hunt, Hannah Joyce, Sobia Khan,Marina Lewis-King, Chloe Osborne, Shermaine Slocombe and Lucy Thornton.
Resource Editor - Greg Klerkx
Copy Editor - Erin Barnes
Design - Thirdperson
Produced - A New Direction

(Note: We recognise that some pupils may require additional support and would encourage you to adapt activities as best suits the needs of your pupils. A New Direction runs a network for SEND teachers and practitioners and if you would like any further guidance about adapting these resources please do not hesitate to contact us.)

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