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Who Are We?

This short but powerful assembly activity reveals the complexity of identity and builds pupil skill in interpreting the meaning of images.

Preparation time

  • 10 minutes to source the photographs at the heart of the activity (Google Images is useful here)

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My Secret Superpowers

A lively assembly activity that introduces the notion of how we are all unique.

Preparation time

  • 10 minutes to prepare superhero slideshow; if you’re doing superhero role-play to start, you’ll also need to prepare your own superhero costume!

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Finding My Place

A whole-school activity, encouraging rich discussion about family backgrounds and shared histories and cultures as well as exploring the wider world and where we see ourselves in it. It works particularly well at a school fair or other events where parents can get involved.

Preparation time

  • 40-50 minutes to trace a world map outline or the time to source a large, printed world map.

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The Living Gallery

By creating a gallery of ‘living sculptures’ for the whole school to interact with, this three-part activity builds anticipation and explores key themes around the Tate Year 3 Project photographer visit. Activities 1 and 2 are done in class with Activity 3 creating a whole-school moment for pupils, teachers and parents.

Learning outcomes

  • I can explore and talk about my future aspirations

  • I can talk about and respect different ideas and experiences

  • I can use descriptive language to write about my life

  • I have developed my communication skills

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