Information is beautiful (part 2)

11 April 2013

This post presents highlights from our Resources collection identified by theme.

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These resources show examples of projects and partnerships between schools & teachers and arts & creative practitioners.

In this section, we have gathered case studies, films and projects into 6 different themes: CPD and Learning, Creative Schools, Creativity and whole school change, Engaging young people as participants, Partnership working and Young People and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

CPD and Learning

This theme compiles 10 different resources including essays, evaluations and publications. Art for whose sake? presents a set of essays on Live Art exploring learning opportunities for schools and artists.

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Creative schools

This theme contains 20 tools including Institutional Change which compares two different personal accounts of school change. In the paper, two education professionals from very different schools share their change approaches and lessons learnt.

Creative Teaching and Learning is a case study that shows how the three year Creative Partnerships Change School programme embedded creative working in schools to support an element of school change.

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Creativity and whole school change

Transformations aimed to develop a new curriculum that suited the requirements of its students and overcame the challenges affecting pupils with different learning needs. Cambridge Special School in West London worked with different creative practitioners, including Sightlines Initiative, The Puppet Centre and Youth Poetry Network.

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Engaging young people as participants

This theme focuses on using young people as the core of the projects and partnerships. Surroundings is a good example, as it presents a film that shows a Secondary School's cross-curricular project around the theme of youth voice.

The idea of exploring new outdoor spaces for schools was the main focus of The Mango Tree, which resulted in the development of a book. The piece of fiction includes questions and exercises that can be used in primary school lessons to explore metaphor and imagery in the story, and garden design ideas.

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Partnership working

What if something truly unusual happened to a small group of school students, staff, parents and governors? This is the situation that What if?, a 6 minute fantasy film, explores reflecting a successful partnership between Rush Croft Sports College and Eelyn Lee Productions. The story shows the group's responsibilities as individuals and as a unique partnership, and their potential impact on the community.

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Young People and the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games

Welcoming the World is a compilation of 20 different films and photo slideshows from a large scale Olympic-themed project with 19 schools. The project resulted of a successful partnership involving LOCOG and Creative Partnerships London East and South in 2008.

The Olympic Literature Resource provides classroom activities, a 5 minute film documenting an Olympic themed literacy project, and poetry cards developed by Year 7 pupils at Islington Arts and Media School. The resource also offers young people the chance to express what they can offer the world, and how they think their lives will be changed by the arrival of the London Games.

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