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Noches Carnavales – Exploring Afro-Latin Music

About the show

Noches Carnavales is a 50-minute performance presenting a sequence of musical pieces illustrating the musical journey of European, African and Indigenous cultures in Latin America, including the cultural impact of the slave trade. Led by Quimantu, a group of exceptional musicians from across the globe will be playing a wonderfully diverse selection of instruments including percussion, strings and woodwind from around the world.

Key stage / year groups:

  • KS2, SEND

Relevant areas of the National Curriculum

  • Music

  • Geography

  • Spanish

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development

  • British Values

About the pupil workshops

Students will use the Afro-Andean rhythm Huachaya-pasacalle to develop their rhythm skills and learn to sing the call and response song Noches Carnavales in Spanish and English before learning to play a simple melodic line using specially designed panpipes to complete the arrangement of the song.

Teacher twilight CPD

The session will familiarise staff with the background context of the music and cultures that pupils will encounter, alongside developing skills and introducing further repertoire so that teachers can introduce those to their students and feel confident to deliver music activities even as a non-music specialist.

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About Musiko Musika

Musiko Musika uses world music as a tool to enable people of all cultures to express themselves through music and work together. We develop and deliver innovative music projects, programmes, and events with a social and cultural impact including creative and instrumental workshops, ensembles, training, family learning, and digital content.

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