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The Paper Allotment

About the show

The Paper Allotment is a life-size art installation made from paper and cardboard. Setting the scene is the allotment’s shed, accompanied by a team of gardeners (artists) who will invite pupils to craft and grow a paper garden around the plot. This is a multi-sensory and interactive experience. We will all work together because there will be lots of creative, hands-on things for everybody to do in the allotment.

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Key stage / year groups:


Relevant areas of the National Curriculum

  • Art and DT (construction, artists, tools/ materials and practical techniques)
  • Sciences (nature, life cycles, plants, wildlife). Geography (seasons, weather, physical landscapes/places)
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Wellbeing, healthy lifestyles, environment

About the pupil workshops

Led by professional artists and inspired by The Paper Allotment installation, each class will be challenged to create their very own collaborative, glowing artwork for their classroom windows. Using colourful paper and natural sunlight, pupils will create a visually stunning display that promotes the importance of caring for our environment and nature.

Teacher twilight CPD

A visual arts CPD session that explores themes around nature and how to creatively bring the outdoors into the classroom. Teachers will be introduced to a wide range of relevant artists, artworks and activity ideas that can be used in art lessons and other subjects. This training will develop teachers’ creative ideas, skills and art knowledge to compliment The Paper Allotment project.

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About Animate Arts Company

Animate Arts make high-quality, inspirational art projects that creatively engage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Nurtured by a team of professional artists, performers, and creatives, our projects bring people together through art. We build teams who work collaboratively together to create extraordinary things – often from paper and cardboard!

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