Do more


Where are we now?

How do we maintain momentum and sustain our outcomes? What new research do we need to conduct? What might help us further our scope and embed our partnership’s work?

At this stage a local partnership will be aiming to keep momentum going, seeking new opportunities and resources to continue its work and do more. You may wish to revisit the vision and go back to your theory of change. You may also conduct further research and develop greater intelligence. Now is the time to look at how the partnership operates and to look outwards to discover new opportunities.

Ingredients and recipes

There are many ingredients from the Powerful Partnerships set that feel relevant to the Do more stage; we have selected some key ones here. The resources that map against these ingredients are designed to help you revisit your partnership values and methods, broaden your stakeholders, seek out other assets and resources and further increase your programme’s impact.

This is the time to revisit the tools across the other stages in our Powerful Partnerships Resource Library. You might also like to review the cultural ecology approach outlined in our principle piece of research Caring for Cultural Freedom to consider a different way of collaborating.

See the full set of 13 Powerful Partnerships ingredients

Revisit the resources in these Partnership stages

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Where to next?

  • Further reading: A page listing other useful links and tools that will support your thinking. Scroll through the list by stage

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Our collection will grow over time as we continue to explore the needs of our partners and we welcome input and feedback from others. What has supported your developing partnership?

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