This journal is dedicated to friend and founder member of De la Soul, David Jolicoeur aka Trugoy The Dove, aka Plug Two or simply Dave to his friends who brought so much radical creativity and joy to the global community. Gone but never forgotten.

Thank you also to our friends and colleagues across the cultural sector who helped shape the development of this journal, including:

  • Daisy Swift at Wigmore Hall
  • Lorna McGinty at Hackney Empire
  • Sheryl Malcolm
  • Bibi Francis
  • All the Space for Change participants 2021- 2023.

Thanks to the team at A New Direction for their vision and collaboration on this project. We hope that in some small way, we can contribute to a healthy, productive and supportive creative community.

Writer: Dawn Estefan
Editor: Kate Beales
Illustration: Ellis Lewis-Dragstra
Design: Studio Scamps