Sometimes people needto sit around and do nothing!

If you are one of those people who do not have time for rest, then you are exactly the type of person who needs more of it! Knowing how busy you are, we wouldn’t be surprised if thoughts about rest are quickly followed by worries about the things you are not doing or should be doing! Resting is often associated with guilt, laziness and wasting time. But rest is important, not just for us, but also for each other, to create a collective sense of well‑being.

Many people consider rest and sleep to be one and the same – but rest is not the same as sleep.

When you are sleeping, your body experiences changes that aid the overall recovery of all body parts. It is the altered phase of consciousness, where a person has no proper insight into the surrounding environment. You could say that sleep is a kind of well‑organised and well‑structured form of rest, as your body shuts down all unimportant functions and performs only mandatory functions. While sleeping, the body restarts itself, working to repair and rejuvenate, revitalise and heal.

Rest, however, is any activity that soothes, calms, and regulates your nervous system. It can be passive or active, with or without your eyes open. Rest is a conscious and wakeful state that involves your whole being, not just your body. It is when all the muscles, organs and the mind are at ease.

Exercises for you to try: