Let It R.A.I.N

The acronym RAIN is an easy to remember tool for practicing mindfulness and compassion

Self‑compassion is no different from the compassion you show others. It is the ability to treat yourself with kindness, understanding and acceptance. Take a minute to think about the compassion you offer to the young people you work with. Now, imagine how it would feel to give this warmth, acceptance and acknowledgement back to yourself. That feeling you are experiencing is self‑compassion!

Tips for Self‑Compassion

Recognize what is happening in your body and mind – the anxious thoughts and feelings; the tension that might exist in your face, jaw, or shoulders.

Allow what is happening, without judgment. You don’t have to like how you are feeling, but try to allow it to be, without the intention to fix or change anything.

Investigate the feelings. Find out more about what you are feeling and where it is coming from. Ask your mind what it fears, then ask yourself what you need to feel more settled.

Nurture the anxious parts of you. Speak to them and remind them that they are okay, safe, and loved. Give yourself the comfort that you need. This exercise is useful to do with young people you work with as a way of helping them to connect to themselves, and as part of their creative process.

Tips for Self Esteem

Don't deflect compliments - practice receiving them and holding on.

  • Build a community of kindred supporters.
  • Use social media with awareness.
  • Celebrate the small wins
  • Eliminate self-criticism and introduce self compassion.
  • Identify your competencies andd celebrate them.
  • Use positive affirmations.
  • Practice being assertive.