Self Check In

What are you afraid will happen if you choose your self?

Self Check In:

  • What are my values?
  • Do I live my life according to these values?
  • Do my choices reflect my own interests or someone else's?
  • Do I say yes to make others happy? If so, what support can I find to set different boundaries?


  • Ask for more time to think before responding to requests
  • Create Balance! You may feel that people might appreciate/ like you more if you say yes but that can often lead to you saying no to yourself more often than you would like. to create balance you also need say yes to you from time to time and show some appreciation for yourself!
  • Not all yes’s are equal! saying yes to the right things rather than everything can feel much more rewarding!
  • Setting firmer boundaries – something which we cover in the introduction self section – is a great way of communicating your limits to others

I was always so afraid of people

saying “Who does that person

think they are?” but really I was

afraid to say “This is who I am”

Your health and wellness matter! Taking care of yourself is a radical and necessary part of social change. Perhaps think of yourself as a marathon runner: you cannot make it to the beginning or the end of the race if you haven’t trained, rested, and hydrated; you have to be in the best shape to run the course ahead. When you attend to your own needs, you can care for others.

Make a list of ways that might help you choose yourself, taking into consideration the analogy of the marathon runner. You may wish to revisit this page at a later date to reflect.