Introduction to Mind

Our minds are beautiful, complex and individual

Defining the mind is a surprisingly difficult task. Some call it the ‘seat of consciousness,’ or even ‘the essence of your being.’ However you want to define it, the mind is the epicentre of your overall well-being – an incredibly powerful and individually made tool. It is the place where memories, emotions, and all the important data about who you are and who you will become, are stored.

In simple terms, a healthy mind equates to your mental health. A combination of your emotional, psychological, and social well-being, which in turn affects how you think, feel, and behave.

Despite the role mental health plays in every aspect of our lives, we often prioritise physical health. The link between mental health and physical health is generally misunderstood because the mind and the body are considered to be two separate entities. But it is important that we understand that the two are in constant communication with one another. Think about it: depression can come with fatigue and headaches. When we are stressed, our hearts pound faster and our breath quickens. A healthy mind makes the body work better, and a healthy body improves mental well-being.