The Power of Breath

Conscious breathing is my anchor

You may have noted that breath and breathing have been referenced throughout this journal. That’s because breath is a powerful force: without it there is no life. When we breathe better, we feel better. Working with breath is the ultimate self care tool, as breathing plays such a vital role in how we think, feel, rest and recover.

Come into a comfortable seated position where you can connect with your breath for a moment. When you are ready, close your eyes or soften your gaze. Drop your day from your shoulders, and feel the natural rhythm of your breath.

Place your hands on your abdomen. You may notice that your fingers separate and lift with each inhalation and gently retract back to your centre with each exhalation. Feel how breathing into your belly can be soothing. Speak the affirmation. I am calm.

Next, place your hands on the sides of your ribcage and sense how your hands move here. Notice how breathing into this hand placement can help you feel more centred. Speak the affirmation. I am focused.

Lastly, bring your fingertips to your collarbones and allow your breath to move up into them. Feel how breathing into your hands here can be uplifting. Speak the affirmation. I am energetic.

You can check in with your breath at any point of the day or night using this process, to cultivate how you want to feel.