Your environment is a reflection of who you are

Choose a place – your email inbox, or your wardrobe – and get rid of the junk!

Decluttering may not sound like the most exciting form of self care. But clearing out your space, life or mind can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well‑being. Making decluttering part of your self care routine helps to reduce decision fatigue, stress levels and irritability. It also contributes to feelings of mastery, achievement, and your ability to say ‘No’. Maybe what you want to let go of is not a thing, but a person. What needs to go to improve your quality of life?

What environment helps you to work more efficiently? Some of us benefit from order or minimalist spaces, some of us like inspiring photos, quotes, and decorations spread across every inch of our walls.

Your environment directly impacts the joy you feel

Take a look at your environments, both at home and at work: how can you change your work or home environment, so it highlights what brings you joy and is good for your soul.

Exercises for you to try: