How to use the journal

Get the best from the journal

The “Radical Self Care Journal” is the beginning of a revolutionary discourse with the self. A guided conversation in which you are subtly encouraged to pay closer attention to your unique self and its needs.

We have created this journal with a lot of love for you, and the work you do for young people and others, as an intentional space to discover new ways of nourishing and nurturing your mental and physical well-being, to elevate your current practice, and to reflect on how this work can be expanded.

The journal is divided into four sections. Each section lends itself to different types of support needed for the self to flourish and thrive. Use your journal as an exploration of who you are to develop your own personalised Radical Self Care Toolkit. You are uniquely radical!

The four sections – Self, Mind, Body and Soul – are there to help you understand your different needs, based on your narrative, and experiences. There are invitations for you to rest, dance, sing, draw and express yourself. If you are busy, you’ll be relieved to hear that this is a ‘choose your own story’ format, which simply means that you choose where and when you want to begin, and how often you use this guide.

"Be intentional! Radical Self Care is about caring for the self so that you can care for others."

We have worked hard to make it accessible and fun, so you can find your inner child and play through learning. There is no right or wrong way to use the journal – whatever you decide is the right thing for you! We encourage you to focus on your well-being; and to identify, validate and accept the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you experience as a human being. Give yourself space and time for honest reflection and for getting to know yourself better. Regular ritual can help to create moments of calm and positive experience.

There is a range of chapters and exercises in this journal, some of which are playful, as well as others that will lead you towards deeper personal reflection. If you feel the deeper reflections may not be helpful for you, especially during your working day, then please make your way to some of the lighter exercises ‑ the journal is here to support you in whatever way feels best for you personally.

Throughout the journal, we’ve suggested the amount of time each activity might take:

sand timer graphics RSCJ.png

We hope what you learn about yourself is transferable and transgenerational, so that it benefits you, and gives you some additional tools to pass onto the young people you encounter.